HandCorpus is a new repository, created by Matteo Bianchi from UNIPI and Minas Liarokapis from National Technical University of Athens, where everyone can freely share and search for different kinds of experimental data about human and robotic hands.

The repository is available at: http://www.handcorpus.org.

The goal is not only to allow researchers to replicate results for benchmarking, but also to reuse data from previous experiments. The HandCorpus provides an accurate and coherent record for citing data sets, giving due credit to authors. Data sets are hierarchically indexed and can be easily retrieved using keywords and advanced search operations. A blog, a newsletter, a publication repository and applications for mobile platforms and social networks are also provided.
In these days the authors are working on a new version of the repository. If you want, you can be part of the community and share your data. The authors will take care of them.