2015 IEEE World Haptics Conference: WEARHAP events and acknowledgements – June 22-26, 2015, Evanston, Illinois (USA)

Many important events and acknowledgements linked to the WEARHAP project took place during the 2015 IEEE World Haptics Conference.

First of all the robotic extra finger WEARHAP device has been selected to appear on the cover of the conference program. The device was developed in UNISI and has been presented in the conference proceedings:


In addition two very crowded workshops on the project research outcomes have been organised by some WEARHAP team members:


Workshop on “Cutaneous Feedback for Teleoperation in Medical Robotics”



Workshop on “Wearable Haptics”



Last but non least the PhD thesis of Claudio Pacchierotti on the WEARHAP subject “Cutaneous haptic feedback in robotic teleoperation” has been awarded with the EuroHaptics PhD Award 2014.
The announcement took place during the conference.