Expand your Vision-Expo Milano 2015 – July 8, 2015

Domenico Prattichizzo was invited speaker during the event “Expand your Vision” held in the Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015.
The event, organised by ABB Ltd, world leader company in power and automation technologies, focused around the concept of innovation and technology helping the mankind to expand its own horizons, contributing to a more sustainable future to our planet and a better quality of life for those who live it.
The guest speakers were involved in a talk show on the role of innovation and technology in a better and more sustainable and livable world.
The main focus of the talk held by Domenico Prattichizzo was on reproducing the sense of touch remotely in space and time.
Domenico Prattichizzo introduced the WEARHAP devices representing a new frontier in the fields of tactile technologies and wearable robotics.
He showed how they can be exploited in medical surgery and in disability to improve our life and in which way they are able to
amplify our emotions. For example the sense of touch in piano playing can be perceived by the audience during a concert…..
The incoming scenario was presented also to the famous pianist Giovanni Allevi, invited talk during the event.




The Program of the event is available here.