1st WEARHAP Integration Camp – December 11th, 2013, Online (Host at TUM)

On December 11th, 2013 the TUM team organized the 1st WEARHAP Integration Camp in a form of an online webinar.

The event started at 14:00h and it ended at 15:30h.

Including the TUM team, 17 participants attended the event. The full list of the participants is available here.

A script has been written and it discusses the topics that were dealt within this integration camp. Some of the topics are:
– Requirements for a WEARHAP architecture
– Illustrative example scenarios (motion tracking, data processing, and robot control)
– Real-Time Computing with PreemptRT
– The TUM reference implementation system
– The RealTime Database (RTDB) (starting, connecting, reading, inserting, writing and updating data to/from the database, RTDB object types, etc.)
– Provided modules (sensors, actuators, data types, GUI’s)
– Advanced topics (interfacing with ROS and Simulink, networked databases)
– Getting access (the WEARHAP repository)

You can access the document shown during the webinar here.

Also, a live demonstration of a human-robot scenario was performed together with a coding tutorial which demonstrated how the code can be written and run on our architecture for such example scenario.

The complete event was recorded (together with the audio) and you can find the .flv recording of the webinar in the Private Area.
Please download the file and run it directly from your computer for the best video quality.